You think it, we'll tink it.
You think it, we'll tink it.
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About Us

Who We Are

Tinker’s Foundry is the operating name of Tinker’s Foundry, LLC, a veteran-owned and operated small business in Minnesota.


Combining an engineering and do-it-yourself background with a creative ability to see “outside of the box,” Tinker’s Foundry was created to put to rest that tinkering never results in anything useful. 

What We Do

Tinker’s Foundry provides custom solutions for individuals and companies. Our team focuses on making designs materialize. We hope to create something vulnerable and imperfect for you, because that's what the life is all about--embracing your fears and still diving in head-first.


So, if you have a unique design but not necessarily the know-how to get ‘er done, contact us, because if you think it, we’ll tinker it out for you. 

Our Values

Do the Right Thing

We believe that ‘doing the right thing’ is a matter of honesty, integrity, and authenticity that will foster long lasting win-win relationships.


Commitment to Excellence

Our team focuses their passion, energy, and expertise on all aspects of the business to bring about continuous improvements and quality innovation.


Collaborative Solutions

We promote a culture of sharing ideas with our customers. As a team we leverage strengths and life experiences to reach effective solutions and achieve success.



We listen and respond quickly to our customer’s needs, providing them with custom solutions they can trust.